anon, writer, web3 enthusiast

I'm might be lazy, incompetent, or having such bad trait. Nevertheless I never stop trying, never stop the grind.

about myself

Avid lover of internet, fully embedded myself into the net 24/7. Although I'm not really an expert on programming, I kinda do minimal code to do some stuff that's not viable without being a tech geek.

Jack of all trades, master of none. Versatility is my attribute, one thing that I can brag about is my adaptability to do anything asked for, it might need some time to grasp something new. But hey, if you want to learn something with me, my DMs are open!

I don't really have any particular hobby, but there's a lot of things that I do like, such as anime, manga, philosophy, books, games, and so many others. But because of my quirk, I can't stay for only one activity.

My identity is semi-anon, I've shown my faces to some people on the internet, but my full identity is rather unknown. And yeah, I'm not a native English speaker as shown in my writing style and grammar. The only information that I can give is that my nationality is Indonesian, and my age is quite young.

work and stuff

In the past, I've been actively organizing a variety of communities, and I'm currently the founder and head admin of a rather huge Indonesian-based crypto community. As the result, I have moderating abilities and the know-how to establish a community, build a brand, and the ability to handle a variety of jobs independently if someone is unable to do so, such as basic designing, coding, and other similar tasks.

I frequently write articles in my native language. The most recurrent theme in what I write is turning a difficult idea digestible to common folks by employing layman terminology and writing styles that are simple to understand.

If my skillset is anything you're looking for, I'm currently available for work. However, please contact me by email, thank you!



I get a lot of spam on Discord so unless I'm expecting a message from you, I might not always accept your friend request.


My Twitter account is exclusively for doing web3 and crypto stuffs. There's not much going on in there.


Mainly for personal usage, shitpost, and memes. Something you would only expect in facebook.


Any business related, please contact me through email, thank you!

Thanks for wanting to get in touch!